Monday, September 1, 2008

D/s Fantasies

I was asked -

"It’s nothing that others haven’t dreamed of, but I do wonder just how common this is. I dream of having my girlfriend cuckold me! I dream of another man taking her from me. He seduces her. He makes her his sex slave. She does whatever he asks, things she won’t do for me. She slowly draws me into the relationship. She tells me about him, giving me more and more detail, teasing my inability to stop her. Then she shows me video of her infidelity. Eventually I get to watch them. I am fascinated by this by how common this fantasy is amongst white men?
I find the thought of sex with a man totally unappealing and yet I get very hard at the thought of my girlfriend forcing his cock into my mouth."

My response -

You know, I don't think what you think about is all that uncommon. Actually, I think it's very imaginative. Haha. A lot of people don't fantasize in quite such detail.

For most natural Doms, being forced to be submissive is often a HUGE turn on. It's different, new, fresh, out of the ordinary, and feels that extra bit more 'kinky'. I'm a natural sub, and the thought of being unleashed as a dom is.. Fascinating to me, at the least. So nah. I don't think it's uncommon at all, for a guy to fantasize about this type of thing happening.

If you have a girlfriend or FWB [Friend with Benefits] currently, you may even want to experiment with this kind of thing, chastity devices available at Adult stores, or being forced to 'suck her off' while she's wearing a strap on.

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Liking Female Ejaculate

I was asked -

"i dont really know if this is okay to ask you, but here goes.. is it weird that i want a girl to "squirt" (ejaculate) on me and/or in my mouth?"

Firstly - Yes, you can ask me something like this. I'll answer anything of a sexual/bodily/romantic nature.

Now, to your actual question. No, it's not strange at all. Everybody likes different things sexually, and this is just something you like. As you very, very likely know, some people like rough sex, some like it soft and romantic, some like to be tied up and whipped. There are also what is considered more 'extreme' outercourse, such as urinating on eachother, cutting eachother and sploshing [foodplay].

This isn't weird at all. On the contrary, rather normal. I'm sure you hear of girls that love being 'cum' on by guys, or swallowing their semen after oral sex. It works the other way around, too. I know guys that absolutely LOVE being ejaculated on by their girlfriends. I think your reasoning for thinking it's strange is that it's less talked of. But trust me, it's perfectly common for a guy to want this - It's just that not many will admit to it =P. Who knows why.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sex with Family Members

Today I recieved the following.

"I have had sex with my mother. this has happened to me and my mom wants more and more. As we are both adults, what do you think of this situation? "

My response -

To be honest, I think this is a situation that probably shouldn't be going on. It is illegal in most areas. You say that your mother keeps wanting more... But do you want more?

I think if you both want it, you really do need to kind of sit down and talk. If you're not going to stop regardless of legality/morality and your mother is still fertile, you need to talk about ways of protection, etc. You need to talk about how it will effect your mother-son relationship, and how you will go about it legally.

If you don't want this, it needs to STOP. It will jeapordise any other sort of relationship you have with her, much as it would if this were happening with a best friend. Also, the chances are somebody WILL find out and you WILL be reported to the police. And nobody wants that to happen.

So overall? This is YOUR decision, but you need to think about putting a stop to this. Think about why you're doing it. Is it for her or your sexual pleasure, or has it become habit? This really is something that you should stop.